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Evangelist/Comedian/Author Philip Hicks is available for an entire weekend of JOYful encouragement!

  • Drawing from his first book, entitled “The Cross & the .357 Magnum”  he will deeply STIR the hearts of  your Men during a Saturday morning breakfast!  Both church members and guests will have their hearts AWAKENED by the powerful love of Christ as Brother Hicks transparently shares how he has been SET FREE and how there is abundant grace to draw them into freedom, too!
  • An excellent outreach & fundraising tool, on Saturday evening Philip will perform/minister his multi-media theatrical presentation, entitled “From the Pigsty to Prison to the Pulpit!”  Supported by pictures and videoclips, both believers and pre-believers alike will be amazed when hearing how God reached deep into Philip’s pigsty of rebellion en route to washing him with the water of the Word then delivering him from a consecutive Life + 15-Year Prison Sentence!  It will prove both a faith-builder for the Church and a heart-opener for pre-believers who are deceived and blinded by the idols of this world!
  • On Sunday morning Philip is available to JOYfully minister to adults, children and/or entire families!  He is anointed with a contagious “oil of gladness” that will infect and affect the hearts of all In attendance!
  • Finally, on Sunday evening Philip will JOYfully minister FREEDOM to the men or women at your local prison!  He invites you to select 10 mature men and/or women to join him and, without fail, they will experience the powerful presence of God at work behind prison walls!  Every person on the prison ministry team will receive personal relevation of our Father’s perspective toward the incarcerated – for while paying for their wrong choices 85% did not have a Dad present in their lives.  The majority were abused and abandoned as children…..and our Father has clearly instructed His Church to obediently minister to orphans & widows “on both sides of the prison walls!”


For several years Philip T. Hicks has used his comedic gifts to encourage children, adults and families while performing in public schools, libraries and churches and at corporate events. Thousands of students have been encouraged to make good choices, say NO! to drugs and embrace a lifestyle of strong character values. His formats have been such stories as the Three Little Pigs, Charlotte’s Web and The Prodigal Pig! (No more pigs, though, as he now embraces a more serious side of funny!

Featured on several television programs from Los Angeles to Florida, he has also opened for comedian Jeff Foxworthy, appeared with Fred Travelena and was featured on two segments of the Carol Lawrence Show! He and his wife, Patti, have been featured guests on LeSea Broadcasting’s Harvest Show, on TBN and on Daystar Television’s “Marcus & Joni Lamb.” His standup shtick is “It’s hard to be a hick in a hi-tech world” is a crowd-pleasure everywhere as Hicks “becomes” various relatives including Grandpa Dudley and Elvis Hicks.

Hicks enjoys an undergraduate degree in Radio, TV & Journalism from Oral Roberts University where his talents were honed and prepared him for a career in “entertainment with a message.”

For there is a ‘serious side of funny’ when it comes to Philip T. Hicks, as is detailed in his first book and life story, entitled “The Cross & the .357 Magnum (Bridge Logos). Endorsed by Chuck Colson, Merlin Carothers and Francis Anfuso, Pastor Art Hallett and Drs. Sam Huddleston and Glenn Cole, it is bringing encouragement to many to “never give up on the prodigals in their own families!” For although raised in church, Hicks chose a lifestyle of rebellion that led to a consecutive “Life + 15-Year Prison Sentence!” But while deciding to “tell the truth” at his trial – an error occurred which later caused his entire sentence to be vacated! Indeed, telling the truth…set him free! Since his release from prison he has since been delivered from far worse prisons, i.e., bondages of anger and lust! Whom the Son sets FREE is FREE indeed!!!

He now passionately encourages men, women and youth “on both sides of the prison walls” to “walk in honesty and integrity” – before God, parents, spouses, family, friends and employers! In fact, Hicks and his family recently returned to northern California after ministering to the incarcerated church for one full year, coast-to-coast!

Following their return, Hicks was given a vision to produce a TV pilot, entitled “Jesus Behind Bars”. The program includes preaching, comedy, music and interviews. Hicks is now knocking on local church doors in prayerful anticipation of finding a church who will partner with him en route to it being aired on both the internet and a Christian network, as well as, having it aired in prisons worldwide! While on the road Hicks enjoyed much favor with the Christian media as he was invited to appear as a guest on several radio & tv programs, hence, he enjoys several strong contacts with major media outlets.

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